Yellow Letters and Postcards (Labels and Skip Trace Services)

If you mail out ‘Yellow Letters‘ or ‘Postcards‘, our Pre-Auction Tax Deed Records are for you!

Along the ‘tax deed timeline’, there are varying degrees of motivation for these people to sell their property before they lose it with nothing to show.


Red: There are 30-35 days or less until the tax deed auction happens and the owner will lose their property and receive $0.00 for it.  

Orange: Certificate Holder forecloses, a Tax Deed Auction is scheduled. Motivation is high but not extreme since they can still redeem up until the auction date, which (depending on the county), could still be many months away

Green: Year 2-7. At any point, the Cert Holder can foreclose (file to have a tax deed auction). Medium motivation because the owner can redeem (pay their taxes) before the auction is held.

Blue: Property Taxes are late one year. A Tax Lien Certificate was sold. Low motivation to sell because they have another year before the Certificate holder can file to hold a Tax Deed Auction, so they are likely confident they can pay their property taxes.

Our Properties List is filled with people in the
Orange and Red Zones They need Action!

Because your sales material is so time-sensitive, we not only give you the list of properties headed to auction, we can supply you with the current owners name and their mailing address on pre-created pages of Avery Labels, ready for you to print, peel and affix to your ‘Yellow Letter‘ or ‘Postcard

You can also locate the property owners’ current phone number or email address by obtaining Skip Tracing Services.

You receive a Word Document with all the records on labels, ready for your to Print and Affix to your envelopes or postcards. They are sorted in the same order as they appear on the list and there is also a “Property Code” on the label that matches the “Label Code” on the spreadsheet. This way, you can pick and choose which ones you want to mail, saving you postage. However, this code also comes in handy when someone from your mail-out contacts you. You can ask for the “Property Code” on their label so you can correctly identify the owner/property within your records.

We also give you a Word Document of the Labels without the “Label Code” in case you would rather use those.


There are several reasons why someone would want tax deed records long before the auction:

  • They want to contact persons who are about to lose their home in a tax auction and offer to purchase

  • They want to participate in the tax deed auction and need time to research the tax deeds going up for sale

  • They want to assist people in claiming the surplus from the tax deed auction and want the additional time to locate and contact the current owner of the property


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