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Auction Calendars
View Calendar Sample
We continually track the auction dates in all 67 counties in Florida and upload a new calendar every 2 weeks.  There are two views: Sorted by Auction Date and Sorted by County.
View Properties on Post Pages
View Property Post Sample
All Tax Deed Properties are on their own page with all the details and links you need.
County Information Pages
View Clay County as a Sample
We have a page for each of the 67 Counties with all information and links you need for that county.
View/Download Properties on Table/List
View the Demo Table/Properties List
All Tax Deed Properties shown on a table that makes it easy for you to scan through for what you seek. We use Google Sheets to share our Lists. During registration, you are asked for your Google Email Address so we can share with you.
View Properties on a Map
View a Demo of the Map
All Tax Deed Properties are shown on a Map. You can Zoom in and Click any property to open the full details about that property. Even vacant land properties are mapped!
Order Tax Deed Documents
View Samples of the Tax Deed Documents
For any property, you can place an order for the Tax Deed Documents. This includes the Property Information Report created by the county which contains a wealth of information, including mentions of any liens/mortgages that may be on the property.  IF any liens are showing on the Property Information Report, we also download those lien documents.