Shannon and Mitch

Shannon and Mitch

June 2019 Delinquent Tax List

DOR Codes

I filtered the Delinquent Tax list to show only those in good zip codes. I also formatted it to make it easier for you to work with.

When you see the address is in a pink cell, that means that same property did not pay their taxes for that many years so if you look at the column where it says “Property Tax Owed” you need to add them all for that property to know the full amount they owe.

I also added a hyperlink to each property to open it on the Property Appraisers website (so you don’t have to go there and type in the addresses each time).

The column named DOR Code tells you they TYPE of property (Single family home, condo, etc)… The code is a number. To know what t he number represents, open the other file above named DOR-Codes

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