Premium Pre-Auction Reports



  1. Each Premium Pre-Auction Report is available to purchase one time only and is then removed from the site

  2. A search is performed to check if there has been a Quit Claim or Sale recorded as of the date we upload the Premium Report and offer it for sale. You are guaranteed we did not find one as of that date. If you purchase the Premium Report on ANY other day than the original offer date, please ask us to re-check for a Quit Claim before you purchase. We are happy to do so!

  3. We produce the Premium Reports only when we have spare time. Just because you do not see a Premium Report on our website does not mean there are no Premium Records that week – it simply mean we did not create any Premium Reports.

The purpose of our Premium Pre-Auction Records is to offer detailed, highly-researched records in which you may have an interest for pre-purchasing the property before the auction. Whether your intention is to Purchase and Own, Purchase and Flip or Purchase and let it be auctioned (for the purpose of obtaining the surplus after the auction), our Premium records are exactly what you need.

Once we gather our pre-auction tax deed records, we run them through our Excel Formulas to determine which ones look to be valuable for further research. We then dive deep into the documents and property information to supply you with valuable information.

Each Premium Report includes:

  • The actual Premium Report created by us

  • The Property Information Report from the county

  • Copies of any Lien or Mortgage Documents that are mentioned on the Property Information Report

Download Full Sample (Zipped File containing the Premium Report and the Property Information Report)

Download Premium Report Only

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