Premium On-Going Subscription Service

You can elect to be put on our Subscription Service so you do not have to place separate orders all the time. What we do is prepare your items from our records every time we gather and enhance a new set of records. For example, if you are on the Subscription Service for Property Information Reports, every 2 weeks, once we gather and enhance the newest set of tax deed auction records, we will collect all Property Information Reports for those records and send them to you without you having to come to our website and order them.

You receive a major discount on the services in exchange for having the service performed on all of the records on an on-going basis. Please note, we do not provide Subscription Services on a county-by-county basis.  In order to be on the Subscription Service, you must elect to receive every record we provide.

On average, there are 1,000-1,500 new tax deeds scheduled for auction each month in the counties we track

  • Property Information Reports:
    Your Cost:  .50¢ Per Property Report charged every 2 weeks

  • Labels (Printer Ready):
    Subscription Cost $39 per 2 Weeks– There are 30 records per Label Sheet with an approx total of 1,250 records each month
    This is a fantastic service for those who mail out Postcards and Yellow Letters

* We charge your card and deliver the items every 2 weeks

Counties On Our Lists

Your credit card must be kept on file for the charges and you need a Premium Membership on this website to start subscription service

Interested in Asset Recovery of Tax Deed Surplus?


A Pro Membership gives you all of our items, including a daily Surplus Report of ALL Surplus Records for that day that have a surplus of over $1,000 plus MUCH more.