Location and Skip Trace Services

FloridaTaxAuction.com is partnered with SkipTraceCalls.com. Our Premium, Enhanced Tax Deed Auction Records are integrated into their website so they can offer their skip trace services to you, easily based on our records.


  1. Browse through properties headed to auction (You must be a monthly subscriber to view and download records)

  2. Export the records to an Excel Spreadsheet

  3. Delete any record you do not want skip traced

  4. Fill out the order form along with your payment method

Approximately 20-40 minutes is spent per record

What They Do @ SkipTraceCalls.com

They use Skip Trace Software and Skills to locate as much information as we can about the property owners. This information could include, but is not limited to, Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, Current Address, Social Media Accounts, Voter Records, Relatives, Business Owned and Obituaries if the owner is deceased (this could lead to relatives information mentioned in obit). The information we find is not 100% verified since we are not making the calls or sending messages. You are paying for us to gather as much information as possible so that YOU can make the calls.

This service saves you a great deal of time!

Specialized Skip Trace Reports are created and emailed to you

The best part? The price is just $3 per record that you choose.


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