Pre-Auction Records


We look for new auction dates every day. When we find a new one, we gather the tax deed records onto a spreadsheet, enhance them with additional information not openly provided by the county and offer them for sale on this website.

Each County Information Page has the Pre-Auction records for that particular county. We also list ALL County Pre-Auction records in your Account Area, sorted with the newest additions at the top.

You also receive a discount code for the purchase of these records, depending on your Membership Level:

  • Free Membership receives 10% Off Pre-Auction Records
  • Basic Membership receives 50% Off Pre-Auction Records
  • Premium Membership receives 75% Off Pre-Auction Records
  • Ultimate Membership receives 100% Off Pre-Auction Records and Property Information Reports

The Discounts are for the Excel Spreadsheet of Records only. The discount does not apply to the Property Information Reports (Except for the Ultimate Membership, Property Reports are included in their membership fee)

*VERY IMPORTANT – On the day we upload the new records, all of them are active and headed to auction. From that point, some tax deeds will be redeemed by the owner or cancelled/rescheduled by the County.

We do not go back and update the list once we upload it, so if you purchase on any other day than the day we upload, be sure to check and make sure any property in which you have an interest is still available. We made the cost per record to take these quantity fluctuations into account.

We send out a Notification Email every time we add a new list.


Pre-Auction Tax Deed Auction Records
You are purchasing an Excel Spreadsheet containing the following fields:

  • County
  • Auction Date
  • Tax Deed #
  • Parcel #
  • Starting Bid
  • Assessed Value
  • Possible Surplus (If auction happens)
  • Property Address
  • Homestead (Yes or No)


There are several reasons why someone would want tax deed records long before the auction:

  • They want to contact persons who are about to lose their home in a tax auction and offer to purchase
  • They want to participate in the tax deed auction and need time to research the tax deeds going up for sale
  • They want to assist people in claiming the surplus form the tax deed auction and want the additional time to locate and contact the current owner of the property

In order to try and facilitate the needs of all, we collect and organize auction records as soon as each county releases a new auction date and provides their records online. This can sometimes be only 2-3 weeks away or as far as 2-3 months away. In the time leading up to the auction, there are several reasons why a tax deed could be removed from an auction:

  • The property is redeemed (Taxes paid)
  • The auction for that deed is cancelled by the county for any reason
  • The whole auction date  is re-scheduled (This is Florida, auction dates are re-scheduled when a hurricane comes through)

It is very important to know that although you may see a particular tax deed coming up to auction in 2 months, it may not actually go to the auction.

We do not go back and edit our list of records. Once we put the list of tax deeds going to auction, it is not updated to reflect if it has been redeemed or cancelled. Only after the auction, on the Surplus Pages, do we note if a tax deed was redeemed or cancelled.

We also do not collect the records from an auction that is being held more than 3 months away from today. The records are usually incomplete when it is so far away from the actual auction date. They may show only a few tax deeds in that auction but add more later. We try to balance when we collect the records to give you the greatest benefit.


Each Monday, we upload a new list (Excel Format), of Tax deeds that are headed to auction in 3 weeks. This gives you time to decide:

  1. Is this a property on which I want to bid and own?
  2. Is this a property on which I want to bid and flip?
  3. Is this a property which will produce good surplus after the auction? How do we know this?
    We collect and research tax deed records regularly and we know what happens. We determine the possible surplus amount by subtracting the starting bid from the Assessed Value. We know that IF there are bidders, the high bid regularly reaches the assessed value and higher. Also, if the property is Homestead, we know to add 1/2 of the assessed value to the overbid amount because that goes toward surplus as well.


Please Note, the list does not include the Property Information Reports. They are sold separately. If you want both, purchase the Auction Records on Excel and with that comes a PDF Order Form for you to choose which Property Reports you want.

We provide the records only for counties who hold their auctions online, so you can participate.


Bay Hillsborough Osceola
Brevard Indian River Palm Beach
Broward Lake Pinellas
Charlotte Lee Polk
Citrus Levy Putnam
Duval Manatee Santa Rosa
Escambia Martin St Lucie
Flagler Miami-Dade Volusia
Hernando Okaloosa Walton

(Optional Addition) Property Information Reports

With the spreadsheet, you also receive an Order form so you can obtain the Property Information Reports for the records you want. The Property Information Reports contain the following Info:

  • Owners Name
  • Owners Mailing Address
  • Any liens or mortgages that may be on the property

We also provide you with a Sample Property Report for each County with markups and notes on where to find each piece of information you need.

On the Order Form, you pick and choose which records you want to order the Property Reports for and they are .30¢ each (Same price for everyone. Discount Codes do not apply to Property Information Reports)

We do not produce the reports. These are the Property Reports each County creates for the tax deeds that are headed to auction. Although they are free to the public and you are welcome to download them yourself, it takes a great deal of time to do so. We do it for you and supply them all at once.


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